The TELESIN products you purchased (only products with limited lifetime warranty service) can be covered by warranty under normal conditions from the date of purchase. If it cannot be used normally, we will repair it or replace it with a new one.

The definition of " An error occurred and cannot be used normally" is: Damage and impaired function due to product quality issues, defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions of use will be covered by warranty.

The limited lifetime warranty will not be provided when:

  • The flaw in appearance does not affect the functionality of the product (such as scratches, wear of zipper and fabric caused by accident or misuse)
  • Damage caused by incorrect use, or operation
  • Damage caused by improper installations and operations that are not in accordance with the official instructions
  • Damage caused by unauthorized disassembly/ assembly, etc.
  • Other situations stipulated in Article 3 of "TELESIN After-sales Service Policy"

Please note:

  • Our limited lifetime warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only.
  • Purchases from unauthorized dealers or distributors are not covered by our limited lifetime warranty service.

 All warranty claims should include a dated proof-of-purchase, anti-counterfeit code, along with a description of the product sold


    1. Customers who purchase PGYTECH products can enjoy the return service without reason within sixty (60) calendar days of receiving a product (calculated based on courier record, the same below). when returning the goods, the customer must present a valid proof of purchase and provide the invoice (if any). The customer must ensure that the returned product retains the original quality and function, intact appearance, and the complete trademark and certification mark still attached. Any give-away or free products that are returned should be treated as newly bought products and be returned without fault so that they may be refurbished and resold.
      If the product is damaged, the packaging box or any items are missing, or other conditions that affect secondary sales, the return will not be accepted. The logistics costs incurred when returning goods should be paid by the customer.
      The refund shall be returned to the customer within sixty days from the date of receiving the returned goods that meet the requirements. The refund method is the same as the payment method. The specific date that funds are available to the customer may be affected by factors such as banks and payment institutions.

    2. Within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of receipt by the customer, any functional defect not caused by unauthorized use once confirmed by TELESIN's after-sales, return service will be accepted for the customer. The customer must present a valid proof of purchase and return the invoice (if any). If there are gifts, they must be returned together.

    3. Within sixty (60) calendar days from the receipt date, any functional defect not caused by unauthorized use once confirmed by TELESIN's after-sales, we will replace the entire set of goods. After the replacement, the warranty period of the product will be recalculated.

    4. If you aren't delighted with your purchase, please contact our support team first: info@telesin. After our confirmation, you can return the product to the following address:



Sixty days (60) calendar days after the receipt date, any functional defect not caused by unauthorized use once confirmed byTELESIN's after-sales, maintenance service will be processed for the customer. This limited warranty policy only applies to products purchased directly from TELESIN and its authorized distributors.


When after-sales service involves the replacement of a product or part, the replaced product or part becomes TELESIN’s property and the replacement product or part becomes your property. Only unaltered TELESIN products and parts are eligible for replacement. Replacement products or parts provided by TELESIN may not be new, but it will be in good working order and at least functionally equivalent to the original product or part’s warranty. A replacement product or part shall be covered for the time remaining in the original product’s warranty.


  1. Fabric soft products such as landing pad and carrying case once washed are no longer eligible for sixty (60) days without reason returns.

  2. The unpacked protective shell / protective case / film / sticker are not eligible for sixty (60) days without reason returns.

  3. Any items missing will not be returned for sixty (30) days without reason.

  4.  For detailed regulations on lifetime warranty, please refer to the "Lifetime Warranty Instructions" attached. For conditions not mentioned, we will process in accordance with this policy.

  5. To use the warranty, you should provide: the proof of purchase with the date, the SN code (marked on the packaging or product), and the name and model of the purchased product.

  6. A product in transit cannot be refunded until we receive it.



  1. Damage caused by incorrect use and improper storage;

  2. Damage caused by intentional or unintentional operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals;

  3. Unauthorized disassembly and modification of the product;

  4. Product belongs to wearing parts and consumables;

  5. Damage caused by unauthorized maintenance;

  6. Failure to stop using and repairing it in time after the problem occurs, which causes damage to expand;

  7. A valid proof of purchase or anti-counterfeiting code is not provided or is reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with;

  8. Exceeding the warranty period;

  9. Damage caused by human factors or uncontrollable external factors and other factors, not by inherent features of products;

  10. It cannot be extended to cover second-hand purchases from unauthorized resellers;


For maintenance items not included in free services, repairing will be implemented for a fee, and the specific fees vary according to product differences.


  1. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, please be sure to carefully read the Instruction Manual and Safety Instruction provided with this product before using. The company reserves the right to update the above documents. Please be sure to use this product in accordance with them.

  2. Once you start using this product, it is deemed that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and contents of the Instruction Manual and Safety Information of this product. The customer agrees to take responsibility for his actions and all consequences arising therefrom. The customer promises to use the product only for authorized purposes and agrees to this term and any related policies or guidelines that TELESIN enacts.

  3. Customer bears all the relevant liabilities and losses caused by violation of the Instruction Manuals or safety Instructions for personal injuries, accidents, property losses, legal disputes, and all other adverse events resulting in interest conflict, etc., while TELESIN does not bear any responsibility.

  4. The company will not bear any responsibility for any violations of laws and regulations directly or indirectly caused by the customer's use of this product.

  5. The warranty service does not include claims for customer's incidental or indirect property losses.

  6. If one or more terms of these provisions are fully or partially invalid, then the remainder of the policies is not affected by it.

  7. If there is a conflict between the local policy and the general policy, the local policy shall prevail.

If any part of your TELESIN product has become non-functioning or defective, please fill out a warranty claim here we will reply within 48 working hours: